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June 23, 2018

Wildly Engaged

The male husky Maiko curiously eyes the visitors in front of his kennel. Like 14 other dogs, 50 cats, and numerous small animals, Maiko is currently living in the Coburg animal shelter on the Brandensteinebene and waiting for a new home. Until a family is found for him, he and the other animals are cared for by a six-person team from the non-profit Animal Welfare and Nature Conservation Association for Coburg and Environs. “We take care of over 600 foster animals annually, among them injured wild animals as well,” relates animal shelter director Sabine Remter, who is responsible for the care of the dogs.

“I have incredible respect for the work that these people do here – also on Sundays and holidays,” says Jenny Liebermann, as she puts her hand out so that Maiko can sniff it. Jenny works as a graphic designer in the HABA Family of Companies. Together with her colleagues Viola Schnell and Andy Fleischhauer from the turning shop, she had the idea to help out and lend a hand in the animal shelter. Andy’s daughter Lea and Jenny’s friend Philipp have joined in doing the good deed.

They muck out the kennels, clean cages, scrub floors, wash windows, fill feeding bowls, and dispense an endless amount of tender loving care. The tomcat Rasputin purrs blissfully as Viola scratches him behind his ears. And the feline Cher snuggles up gently to Lea’s cheek. “Animals from the animal shelter show a special gratitude,” says Viola joyfully about the affection of the four-legged friends.

“I have incredible respect for the work that these people do here every day.”

“However,” according to Jenny, “It’s also hard work that happens here every day and is part of the care, in addition to the time that is spent with the animals. I simply underestimated that.” Her admiration for the employees in the Coburg animal shelter has increased as a result. “You sense how much heart and soul these people put into their job here. And how well the animals are doing.” She is especially enthusiastic about the lovingly designed outdoor enclosure for the rodents. Viola raves about the cat house: “It’s as cozy as grandma’s living room.”

The animal shelter depends on donations, so that this all-around support of the animals can be continued in the future. “Because in order to be able to manage the ongoing costs for food, to say nothing of veterinarian bills, our membership dues and the animal protection lump sums from the municipalities are far from sufficient,” explains animal shelter deputy director Rico Wohlgefahrt. “That’s why we depend on additional donations and are grateful for any support.” His is thus absolutely delighted to receive the check that Jenny presented him in the name of the HABA Family of Companies.

But in addition to donations, volunteer helpers are also urgently needed to help out with the daily tasks and care of the animals. “My daughter and I will certainly come back again,” Andy promises. Maiko and friends will be glad – as will be the people who make an important contribution here every day!

You can find out more about the Coburg animal shelter, its residents, and opportunity for support:

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